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The 10th Palliative Care Congress


Speaker Presentations


Presentations have been made available here by permission from the speakers. Some presentations are edited versions of those used at Congress.


Please contact kate@compleatconference.co.uk if you have any queries in relation to speaker presentations.


Boland, J and Boland, E

Postgraduate Research in Palliative Medicine


Egginton, S

Exercise in Palliative Care


Flemming, K and Thompson, C

Decision Making and Judgement


Gillanders, D and Owen, R

Using Acceptance, Mindfulness and Values in End of Care Life


Grocott, P

Wound Management


Maddocks, M

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation as a Rehabilitation Adjunct


Taylor, B and White, I

Supporting Sexual Intimacy in Palliative Care



Presentations with Audio

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Ahmedzai, S

Translational Research in Palliative Medicine:

Focus on Pain



Murtagh, F 

Complexity, costs and commissioning in palliative care 



Carey, I and Shouls, S

The AMBER care bundle for patients whose recovery is uncertain



Noble, S

Venous thromboembolism and the palliative care patient



Johnson, M

Unveiling Breathlessness





Strasser, F